WTF is going on with EAC right now

Every time I try to join my own server (Rust exp) I get kicked within 5 seconds by EAC> Same with anyone else who trys to join and after it happening a few times I notices in the server browser there’s basically nobody on any server at all. Looks like it’s a global thing that’s happening at the moment. 0

disables EAC, then you can connect and stay connected.

obviously he is haxing duuhhhhh -____-

clearly haxing :slight_smile:

Ugh i have to stop talking about EAC now before i break forum rules and go ballistic on that Useless Problematic Spyware Program

I have been having this problem all day had to remove security on my server.

seems to be fixed in build 1779.

Hrm… I can’t say I’m a big fan of EAC… but I am unaware of any other lowcost anti-cheat solutions for Unity based games.

Oh I know: proper programming including reality checks and more server-side validations… I mean how come a hacker can speedhack hammering down a wall?

Server-side validation will come in the future. Server-side validation puts performance strains on the server and it also complicates coding and updating a lot, slowing down the development process. It’s the same reason legacy didn’t have rigid server-side validation.

It’s not that the devs don’t know how, it’s not time to make the server paranoid yet.