WTF is this!

Ok for 2 days ago i buy Rust from and when i buy it i cost 40$ and when i was on my playpal to day it was taken fucking 260$ WTF is this?
Sorry for bad english!

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It starts off at $260 every 24hours. If you bought it at 23:59 then you likely bought it too late and got it for the full price.

i said 40$ im not blind

hi nasjon_123

wtf nasjon_123?

He said he bought it at the 40$ mark. That’s at the 4 hour remaining mark if what he said is correct…

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Also, pricing starts at 240$, the extra 20 is some kind of tax. Don’t know if this is related, but this post said something about a bug that makes it possible to but a key at the 240$ price any time of day.

yeah it was 240$ i typed wrong

That makes it more easier to answer.

You still have to pay taxes. So it’s like an extra 15$ you have to pay I think?


Did you mean you paid 240$ or 40$ now? I’m fucking lost. :suicide:

so it was 200$ in taxes?

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when u are on the its says the price and the price was 40$. but today when i was on my paypal it was taken 240$ from my paypal from facepunch studio

Can you check your e-mail for the time when you bought it? If it was around 1-2AM your local time then the timer had just restarted and started over at $240. Most likely you misread the price.

The chances of getting it right on 240$ seems unlikely though. I feel this is more likely caused by a bug if the number was at the highest price you can pay.

Send a Mail to Garry, with your Billing Informations and your Situation and ask for refund. Why discuss on a forum? No one can help you with your problem!!! Only Facepunch Staff itself.