Wtf is up with the goddammed lighting ?!

ok so i made a map

OLD VERISON i was workin all day but this is the only screen i got of when it worked

THEN I added a 3d skybox and something fucked upand this is what happened

AND no mater what i do the only things that get lighted up is my house and all the cars i put

outside THE ground - grass RAMAINS DARK LIGHT SHIT and the only thing that is noramly lighted up is the 3d skybox WTF IS GOING ON ???

The light_environment has to go in the 3D skybox too. Did you do that?

Adjust your light_environment settings to where the sun is pointing down more.


Actually it doesn’t.

I’m sure I read that up somewhere. :confused: It said the 3D skybox needs its own light_environment.

Just a fyi, anything in the 3D skybox will cast shadows in the playable area too, so if something is above the origin of the 3d skybox entity in the 3d skybox, your map will have a shadow of it, so if you put the ground too high this could be the result.

Not really, because vrad only recognizes one light_environment. I’d personally place the light_environment and env_sun entities in the 3d skybox. Also OP, can you post a screenshot of your light_environment keyvalues?

not true

Try before you post.

Edit: Above origin might not be right, but the thing about it casting shadows is.

IIRC L4D2 allows for two…

Okay yesterday i was in a hurry cuz it was like 3 in the morning and i wanted to get some sleep here is the values and a screen of how the map accualy looks

Edit i fixed it by cutting a hole in ym skybox see where the hole was cut the ground was light where it wasn’t cut it was dark

Yeah the problem was clipping, contrary to what this guy said…


QFT, happened to me on my map. My suggestion is just disable shadows on all the stuff in the skybox or reposition it.

Set the pitch yaw roll to 0 312 0