Wtf postal, banning a guy over a title?!

So a guy wrote “ok a dumb question” for his title, then postal banned him for this. I think the admin was out of a line with his judgement, all he had to do was delete the thread or edit the title…
Who thinks postal was out of line?

"Now that Rust is going to Steam how do we buy a server for our clan?

(User was banned for this post (“undescriptive thread title” - postal))"

(User was banned for this post ("Unnecessary/Crap thread" - dai))

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section, crap thread, spell properly, didn't read the sticky" - postal))

I can’t answer the poll. I’m afraid to be ban.

It was a little extreme, but it’s not like he permabanned him or anything. How long was the ban?

You’re new to these parts, aren’t you?

I don’t really know the true background of the event you’re describing, but people (especially here on Facepunch) need to be directly told they’re wrong. Deleting the thread would only result in the “guy” creating a new one with the same wrong title. Editing the thread is an option, but it’d require the moderator to write down a PM for the user, implying the user would ever read it (the user would also claim “i was never told this is wrong” if they ever did it again - and they probably would).

And since there are no warnings on Facepunch, the ban issued by postal sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
It’s probably just a 24 hours ban, that’s just fine.

You shouldn’t have to click to a thread to find out what it’s about. That’s the purpose of a thread title.

Also, short bans are simply warnings. That’s just how it works. Welcome to Facepunch.

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He was banned for three days, by the way.

Undescriptive thread title is bannable, kid should have read the sticky. postal is just following the rules and ensuring we all follow the rules as well. Also this isn’t the place to be asking, ask it on the general discussion board.

I read this thinking it was about a Boostar title, not a thread title.