WTF Source Recorder

Ok, so I’m trying to record some stuff for a machinima and, as always, I hide the physgun beam and hud. But when I’m done recording and I play back the demo, I see that the physgun beam and hud still appear even though i turned them off… any help?

I think this is in the wrong section but, did you type in the command to hide the physgun beam correctly?

In game go to






and hook off

Draw Phsygun Beams


Also type

cl_drawhud 0

in the console to remove the hud.

cl_drawhud 1

to get it back.

Try turning them off after you turn source recorder on and just edit that out.

that’s exactly what i did in the first place -.-


i didnt use the console for that, i used the hiding menu


does anybody else have this problem?

hmm nice idea, ill try it eventually

ok, i figured it out, i tried taking Billiam’s advice and turn the things off after i started recording and that worked for the physgun beams but not the hud so i had to type cl_drawhud 0 while the demo was playing back to hide it :smiley: :smiley:

I heard people had to resort to different methods for some obscure reason. Glad it worked out.