what the hell is this? really? you want to get 60$ from each guy now? whats game gonna cost after it comes? “Why like this?
We like to do stuff different. Plus we need to limit the amount of keys we sell.” really? what the hell is different? getting 150$ from one guy? yea thats different no games exist for that price what the hell really? YOU SUCK

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Fuck off.

what did I say wrong you DICK?

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sorry but FUCK YOU GAME MAKERS DICKS really you got $3,732 from 100 keys? FUCK you all money dickheads ( game makers or whoever made that dick thing)

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go ahead ban me dickheads

Also, 3732 from like 500 keys.

go to some countries and you will see that games really do cost 150… Etc poland… been there once :confused:

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also would you mind and stop swearing? it does no good and makes you look bad dude.

You don’t know how a Dutch auction works, do you?

Some games you have to pay more than $150 to get all the content.

i think it should start at like 150 not 250 thats insane

No, it’s not. Simple understanding of basic economic concepts will tell you that the higher priced a scarce item is, the more a person will value the product (account) and a lot less people will buy it.

They’re limiting keys in this way, but it’s not impossible to get one either. So you either have to suck it up and fork out the money, or just wait.

yea I do from 250$ it comes to 0.50$ in one day. but I dont think their goal was to sell game for 1$ was it? OFCOURSE not they wanted big money why 250 and not 50 or 30?

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sorry but do you even have brain?

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hey einstein learn to calculate… equal for 1 key for that shit thing you just said makes 1 key worth 7$. which never happened

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really? its US$ doesnot matter other money types do you even have brain?

i think someone has a severe case of butt hurtis

I think you need to learn english.

he already knows english

if he didn’t, how would he be here?

I dont know englis but think i am here?

what do you mean

I got my key for free. :slight_smile:


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oh yea they are getting money for those keys they sent for free? yea they are cool. NO they are not

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OK lets get clear here, THIS game is really awesome I have to admit. but they are just money lovers. why are they making people pay 100$ or even 40 $? why??? because they love money, I dont think they care about something else, yea of course they care about game its their money source. but THEY LOVE money dont they?

I will tell you.

Come back to me when you have a valid argument.

with people like you i lose hope in humanity.