i cant get a lot of guns fo to work i shoot and it shoot out a ERROR with like everthing

Buy CS:S

really none fo them said i needed css

Well, you do.

What was the pack?

Title: wtf
Icon: Xbox 360

Welcome to Facepunch!

ther was like 5 all kerimits stuff ecxept kinfs

Make sure you extract them in the correct place.

Best thread title ever.

Do you actually OWN GMod? Your profile link is broken.

You need css, also give a good thread name and a good icon.

If you pirated gmod we wont help you.

oh i have to chang it i lost my account with gmod and just got it back



and i dont pirate games i wish i had 20 bucks

And how did you “lose” your account? >.>

How about you pansies stop acting like assholes and instead help out the guy?

Back on topic, for the Kermites SWEPs to work you need Counter-Strike: Source, make sure you have that.

yea i know that like everthing on needs css now if any one gets an 2end copy cna you gift it to me

Don’t ask FP to gift you games, it never goes well.
Get a job or something, if you are under 16 or can’t get a job for any other reason, ask your parents for an allowance.

i get one im gering a good bit fo stuff so i have no ecktr cash

He only has TF2 and Gmod… wow.

yea i dotn play games on the conputer that much