Wtiberium map

hi guys
i working a map for addon Wtiberium i need texture for this map
is screenshot of this map
and am novice in hammer -_-"
and thanks you for you help

If it’s a screenshot, please upload it to a site like FileSmelt, Photobucket, ImageShack, Dropbox, etc.

For all I know, you could be a troll and you’re trying to get us to download a decompression bomb.

mdr i am a troll X) i post my screenshot to imageshack or someting


lock now is not virus :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see you’re French.

Your map is a morceau du merde, just blocky shit and horrible lighting everywhere. What is this map exactly for?

yes am fench am novice in hammer i have not help to english my is bad i use a traducteur i have just one site for tuto of hammer in french (youppi)
is reason for help me

C’est de la merde, te ramène pas sur un forum anglais si tu sais pas le parler.


I thought that you could use translators on sites like interlopers. Also, even if you are french, wouldn’t the entity names etc be in english?

why refused to help me

We aren’t?

We’ll help you, it’s just that with stuff like level design, it’s really good to learn some English beforehand.


Nearly all resources on learning to map are in English, and using a translator all the time isn’t the best thing to do.

What does he need? A texture?

i not know speak english i cant se entitie

Allright, I’m going to suggest you add more brushes (the block things) to the map and add some props and have a clear idea of what your map is going to be.

Is it an airport? Warehouse? A processing plant? Or something completely different?

Qu’est-ce que ce fil d’?

English is not a hard language to learn, and a damn useful one to get by in considering our close proximity. I know basic french, enough to get by, and i can read much more french than i can speak. But then, i can read most European languages, even get the gist of german.

are you know comand and conquer univer (tiberium and bluid etc…)
i have work my bluid wiht one screen

this hum i have a permised for speak in french for more explicaction

English actually is the hardest language.

Type up in French and I’ll throw it in my translator see if I can help.

ok thnaks mean

ok les gars pour se qui connaisse command and conquer la seri tiberium vous aurez pas de mal a imaginer environnement de la map en gros se désertique pollue a la façon fallout 3 avec des relief est 2 base GDI NOD
jais besoin de texture pour faire plu réaliste surtout pour le sol est pour finir vous connaisse une entité qui fais tourner un block

Avez-vous besoin que les textures du jeu?

English is essentially just a mixing pot of Latin and German.