WTS 30 slot server.

Hello everyone.
For 2-3 days ago I ordered a 30 slot server from www.xenonservers.com, but they are in Dallas, and for me its constantly high ping (I live in Sweden).
So I want to sell my server, its like 28 days left before you have to pay 20$, its 20$ / month.
You get all info, FTP, Game Panel login etc.
And if you want DarkRp its already installed, or you can install any other game mode very easy.

I sell it for like 10-15$!

how much ping do you have ?

Around 150 all the time.

Im used to have like 20, so I really cant play on this kind of server.

150 is not close to high, infact normal, also xenon servers is united states based.

150 Eh like for me I live in California and if this server was hosted in Dallas well then it would be good but if it’s 150 ping and it’s next to me then it’s garbage. But back to what I was saying that’s good ping.

Xenon servers are very good, I’d recommend them to anyone who lives in the US.

Oh well, I am happy with my 12 slot server from Ukgame.
Tell me if you guys want to buy it.

150 ping is good…20 is something you cant just ask for …you got to have a really good connection and still it isent worth it anyways.

Yeah. 150 isn’t horrible.

dare i say that i can hardly notice the difference between 20 and 150 ping? i guess it might be a problem in gun fights but it is DarkRP so…

US servers where I get 150 ping and UK servers with 50 make no difference for me

I get 5 ping to UK servers…

I will buy this server for 13 dollars exactly!

Ragamuff55 - Add me!

I need your steam ID what is it i will add you!


I added you.

Can we talk on steam? Because i don’t have MSN


Is the server still for sale?

It is still for sale, but you haven’t added me on Steam.
Zeroi9 is my Steam Username.

Bought it, fellas!