WUMA - Manage restrictions, limits, and loadouts of usergroups and players

WUMA - Weols User Management Addon

Restrict and limit anything from usergroups or individual players. WUMA is an addon that allows server administrators to manage their players and usergroups restrictions, limits and loadouts. The restrictions, limits, or loadouts can apply to usergroups or individual players, they can be permanent or last for a certain duration, or on a specific map, or until a set date. It features a gui for administrators and a loadout selector for players. You can set up inheritance so there is no need to add the same restrictions and limits for every single usergroup. WUMA implements CAMI so it is compatible with most admin mods. The addon is created for sandbox, it may or may not work on other gamemodes. Works with DarkRP.


I will be supporting this addon for as long as I can, I may also add features in the future sometime. If you encounter something wrong using WUMA, please open an issue on GitHub or reply here along with any addons you are using.

You may restrict any entity, weapon, vehicle, npc, tool, effect, ragdoll, prop model, or entity usage from a usergroup or an individual player. You can also add an anti-restriction which negate any normal restriction in place, this function is meant to add exceptions for players in a usergroup, or to negate an inherited restriction.

You may limit any entity, weapon, vehicle, npc, effect, ragdoll, or prop model from a usergroup or an individual player. Items may be limited to any value, even infinity, which means it won’t have any limit at all. Limits can also be grouped into advanded limits, which allows administrators to set a group of items to the same limit. This limit can be inclusive or exclusive, meaning that all the items can have the same static limit, or all the items may count towards the same limit.

You may edit any usergroups or players loadout. You can add and remove weapons, and set the weapons primary and secondary ammo. You can also assign a weapons as a primary weapon, meaning the players will spawn holding that weapon. WUMA also features a loadout selector that players can access that will allow them to edit their own loadout. They cannot add weapons that are restricted from them.

You can manage any players restrictions, limit, or loadout whether they are online or not. You can search for any player that has ever been on you server by searching for them by the nickname they last used or their steamid. Everything works the same way on players as it works on usergroups.

What is the diffrence beetwen this and URS? Is it worth to switch over from URS to this? I does look a lot easier to use so I am wondering.

Well, URS is a module to ULX, so you can’t use it with any other admin mod or without one at all. And as far as I know URS does not allow you to add restrictions, limits, and loadouts to individual players, so you can restrict something from a single player. WUMA can also group limits together, so you can have multiple things share the same limit; if you for example have multiple helicopter entities but only want player to be able to have one at a time then you can group all those helicopters together. It also features a loadout selector, you can give VIPs access to that selector so they can manage their own loadout. URS does not have inheritance either, which is useful because you don’t need to add the same restrictions and limits to multiple usergroups, chances are that if something is restricted from admins it should probably also be restricted for guests, inheritance solves this.

I feel that the strength of WUMA is flexibility, no restriction or limit is set in stone; if you want to create exceptions or want to create temporary restrictions or limits then you can do that.

Thank you for clearing thing up for me, looks like I am moving to WUMA then!

Just installed direct from GitHub…the server is loading the file system for WUMA but when I type wuma_menu in game it is not recognised and it doesn’t show up in the ULX XGUI either…?

Are you typing the command into console? Try deleting the ulx folder inside addons/WUMA/lua and restart your server to see if it works, that will remove any ulx integration so you can use wuma_menu.

Unknown command: wuma_menu

Welp :confused:

So you deleted the *ulx *folder inside addons/WUMA/lua and it still didnt work. What other addons are you using?

This was a problem on servers running on linux machines, due to their case-sensitive filesytem. This has now been fixed.

Just installed aswell. Same issue.

shit nvm, I don’t use the superadmin rank unless I need to change shit.
Wasn’t a superadmin.

Can you make it an options to override a loadout or just add to it?

Do you mean inheritance for loadouts? So that if you add a weapon to a usergroup that inherits from another usergroup it will add that weapon to the loadout instead of creating a seperate loadout?

Lets say you have it on something like darkrp, and you want to give a group extra weapons. This atm would prevent other things from adding to the loadout. So if i have lets say admin_tool in the loadout, but the job for darkrp gives glock_18, i wont get the glock_18

Allright, I see what you mean, that would be quite convinient. I will add that, should be useful in other situations as well.

Would it be possible for you to add an exception for loadouts as of right now (DarkRP) when changing jobs the job wont give you the weapon for the job because your loadout is what it is, Im sure theres other gamemodes that provides you with some sort of thing that gives you items but it wont give you because you’re limited to the loadout

Edit: Didnt see the post above lol, Thought i read all the post’s must’ve missed that one would be really nice to have that feature

Yes, I am currently working with this. The dev branch on GitHub has this feature, but the branch has not been tested yet properly so there can and will be some errors in it.

I hope to merge it this or next week, but if you are desperate you can use the dev branch.

This has been added now. There is a new checkbox called “enforce loadout” to the right of the “ignore restrictions” checkbox in the loadout tab. If this checkbox is checked then the usergroup or player will spawn only with the weapons that are in their loadout. If it is unchecked then they will simply append their loadout. So for darkrp you want to keep this box unchecked so that it does not override your jobs loadout. If it is unchecked on a players personal loadout then they will recieve their usergroups loadout as well as their jobs loadout (if the usergroup has a loadout).

I think we’re gonna need some other way of doing this as it seems whenever you uncheck (Enfore loadout) you’ll get everything that the gamemode gives you uppon spawn, Soo you cant really restrict users to having only a Grav gun because as default you’d spawn with a Physgun so whenever you uncheck (Enfore loadout) It’ll give you the physgun

I don’t think I quite understand, if you don’t want users to get the weapons that the gamemode gives upon spawn, why uncheck Enforce loadout ?

The thing is i use DarkRP and want the user to get ther job loadout whenever they change to a job.
So when unchecking Enforce loadout it should work if i understood that correctly, doesnt seem to work.
And when its unchecked the players will get everything that the Gamemode gives you upon spawn which i’d like to restrict, I want the normal users to only have a Gravgun and then donators can get access to Physgun which wont really work as of now