WUT A NUB. - TLW-based pic.

Hi, i was kinda bored today, so i made this… Wasn’t easy to edit, couse i cant use highest settings on this graphic card…



WTF happened to gman’s face?! He looks like a bulldog!


Awesome, its really cool.

The only thing i could say is- add something to the military guy. He just looks like an idiot standing there with no pistol/rifle and his rubber arm.

Well edited! looks like a pastel drawing. Magnificent [sp]microwave casserole[/sp]

Could work for a slightly slapstick comic. “The guy who fucked with Gman”

Its not guy who fucked with gman, is Chet with offscreen Player, who fucked The Producer. Watch The Leet World. http://smoothfewfilms.com/

Chet is awesome. Player is * ******* meme.

Editing is kinda cool.

Chet kicks ass.

The pose and scene itself is not really that special, but the editing is fucking kickass.