WW + Gmod = not working?

I have recently started using 3dsmax to model and learning the basics and etc, but a friend had asked me to create a model for them for GMOD.
I insteall WW (Wall Worm) for 3ds so i can export the proper models, but i seems (following the WW tutorials) that there isnt a gameconfig.txt anymore? so it isnt possible to export models?
either that or im just stupid and have got it terribly wrong…
never the less, would someone possibly be able to help me out?
Thanks, Shadow

they way it worked for me was I Installed Source SDK, then did the Gameinfo.txt thingy in (Source2007 Folder I think its called that) then it worked.

ah well that seemed to work.
guessing to export to gmod its CSS? or do i need to install something else?

well, for that I used Half Life 2 then put the models / textures / both into the Gmod Binerys “garrysmod/garrysmod/” something like that.

ok i got it working, i just had to search a little further.
The import function is where its at, you just need to import the sdk, which gets TF2 and CStrike, then you just import the Garrys mod gameinfo.txt and save.