AK-47 and WW2 do not comply.

Soviet soldiers had AK-47!!!

Picture is not showing up.

They didn’t in World War 2.
Get your facts right before making pics 'bo.

im again failed

The posing wasn’t THAT bad though, you just should’ve found a PPsH-whichever number goes here- and used that instead.

hey you know that 47? it stands for 1947

WW2 wasn’t in 1947

The picture could always take place in an alternate timeline.

yes, but this

would still be wrong.

PPSH41 :eng101:

The AK47 was a copy of the STG44. Mikhail Kalashnikov was a soldier in WW2, and found one lying on the ground next to a dead German.

He picked it up and pretty much said “This will set the standard for Assault Rifles everywhere”

The pose aint that bad.

No my dear sir, the most “popular” weapons the russians used was the PPSH SMG and the Mosin Nagant rifles :stuck_out_tongue:

Iz hoovy taking poop?

sure they did. RUssians have it since the ancient times of glacial age, when they were hunting mammoths with bony hand-made AK’s


It’s not.

Internal mechanism was based lightly off of it, but you know with out the STG44, the AK would be a lot different.