WW1 british/american models.

Hello, I would like to see if someone could make a world war 1 British or American soldier as seen here: http://www.aefsupply.com/fall02-group.jpg maybe with this gas mask http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/69/US_WWI_Gas_mask_with_bag.JPG It doesn’t need to be a actual custom model (It would be nice) or it could just be a WW2 British soldier with more gear.

So, no takers?

this would be bad ass if somone did these!!!

The american’s weren’t in WWI

They were certainly late, but they were there.

Would be nice to have some good WWI models, although someone would have to get to work on good trench maps to go with them.

This. There are a couple of trench maps. But all of them suck.


I requested this a few weeks ago, but it got ignored completely.

There are some ones out there, might upload them to garrysmod.org. But i have no idea who made them, so im not sure if i should.

Well just say that you don’t know who did them.



Because I really want some models.