WW1 French Army models request

Hello !!
I wanted to know if there exist models of the French soldier first world war gmod ? sorry for my bad english
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

here are some pictures:

heres something we have for ww1 arma 2 mod but it’s not finished, I would like to know if there is a pubicly available french ww1 model to use for reference

The Game “Verdun” has some nice french soldiers.

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Did you seriously have to make two threads?

By the way that is the later ww1 french uniform, in 1914 it was like this

Yes, because I was wrong

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Yes you are right I tried this game models are well done. :slight_smile:

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Here is a pictures of different French soldier game Verdun


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There is another game on ww1 here is the link to the official website http://thetrench1916.com/

Can someone make these models ? please :slight_smile:

What you need 'em for?

I need these models because nobody not in fact where as the British models, German, the American are already was then made I think that that intérresant would be whether he is on Gmod…
and also because I would do the 14-18 war in gmod.
Sorry for my bad English…

You can PM me what you want to say and I’ll translate it for you.


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J’ai besoin de ces modèles car personne ne les à fait alors que des modèles anglais,allemand et américain ont déjà était mis en ligne alors je pense que se serait intéressant qu’ils soient sur Gmod et aussi parce que je voudrais reproduire la guerre de 14-18 dans Gmod.

MARINES9541 want to say :

I need those models because there are only british, americans and german WW1 models but no french. I think it could be interesting to have some. I also want to reproduce WW1.

Thank you for the translation !!

I agree, we need some froggies in the trench. A wee hit boring just having Fritz and Tommy duking it out.


So can you make this models skeligandrew ?

No sorry I do not know how to make things with source engine and I am busy with another project :slight_smile:

I am not that good either to create human figure

ok thank you for you reply

anyone else want to make these models ?