WW1 Shit

https://orig00.deviantart.net/6604/f/2017/084/5/f/trenches_by_russianbear2345-db3gheu.png[/t] Link
[t]https://orig00.deviantart.net/4a35/f/2017/298/4/3/westernfront_by_russianbear2345-dbro3y6.jpg[/t] Link

is good shit

The one with the MarkV is the best imo, I dig the colours and the fact that the lighting is sunny, a bit of fresh air from the classic brown and black foggy WW1 color scheme.

Pls dont swear this is a christian site ok

they’re all great, can’t really pick a favorite

The third picture is mesmerizing.

I like the Second one, it really captures the panic you’d feel if that was the first time you’ve seen a steel monster rolling towards you.