There are no specific WW1 weapons packs - this makes me sad :frowning:

But with the weapons from the sourcemod: “WW1:Source”, I have begun making some SWEPS.
Firstly, I would like to point out this is the first time I have done any lua scripting whatsoever.
Secondly, these are not finished, so don’t start screaming and shouting at me.
If anybody wishes to help with them, especially with ironsights, creating a secondary fire for bayonet on rifles, reload sounds that would be great.
Nice people only please though :confused:

Here is a brief video showing what I have, SO FAR:

Lee Enfield:


Lewis Machine Gun:


Weblley revolver:

No offense, but you could do better.

Its my first try :frowning:
I put them together in like an hour…

I wouldn’t really consider releasing this.

I’m not trying to be hard on you, but the models and textures look like they’re form the original DoD.

For a first effort, they’re good. But if you want to release them, I would put a little more work into it.

While WWI sweps are a nice idea, I’m trying to remember if there was a WWI pack on Workshop not too long ago…

I WISH they held Rifles like that, but really;

You should try setting the Weapon Hold Type to “ar2”

I did set it to ar2, but it either changes itself to pistol when loaded, or just ignores it :confused:

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Like I said, if someone with experience making SWEPS wishes to help, don’t hold back…

the DoD:s not have WWI weapons ? ( sorry if question look stupid ^^ )

Not stupid at all. DoD does have SOME ww1 weapons. I believe the m1911, luger(?), springfield and mauser. But icons of the first world war such as the lewis gun, the mills bomb, the webley revolver, the lee enfield and so on are essential.

Did you put


self:SetWeaponHoldType( "AR2" )


I added this and the viewmodel changed, but the world model still holds it as a pistol?

If anybody wishes to help with the following, be my guest:

*Reload sounds
*Iron sights
*stop world models being held like pistols
*grenade throw swep

Odd. How did the ViewModel change?

Well it was previously held it like a shotgun from playerview, and is now AR2 i believe, but still holds like pistol in worldview. I read somewhere that npcs hold weapons in this manner also, so im not sure if its a garrys mod problem?

**Update: **


Still with worldview issue…

Mills Bomb:

Fumbling hands for gas attack:

Still need help fixing the worldview issue.

Don’t give up they look amazing in my opinion

It’s a pretty cool concept, this looks quite good for a first try at coding.

what maps is that?

They are ones from WW1: Source which you can download here:
And move the maps straight to garrys mod if you so desire.

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Thats awfully kind of you to say so my friend.

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Again, thankyou very much for your enthusiastic support. Let us hope others who look upon it do not appear so enthusiastic with their floccinaucinihilipilificational views!