ww1 Tank test

another test, this time im testing a ww1 tank i made in hammer that might be used in my machinma.

custom textures were made by me aswell.

please tell me what you think.
heres the link to the other test

i just kinda slides try to make it move and or bounce up and down i havent used hammer but it look good for the rest keep trying.

Ah so a WW1 Machinima you are creating, you’ve sparked my interest.

yeah, i would do that, but unfortanetly hammer dosnt allow you to do that.

It’s a great idea, a ww1 machinima sounds awesome. It just needs cleaning up, like how the camera shake goes out of the shot and the tank sounds sound really repeated…but thats really it

yeah the camera shake went really wrong. lol

That is cool as fuck but needs to move with the terrain, it does look like its floating.

If you use a train entity, I think you could do that.