WW1 | Verdun Weapons Pack - Redux

I released my Verdun Weapons back then without a lot of features, low crap compressed textures, and all sorts of other errors that didn’t get a lot of praise. Seeing that I won’t be doing workshop much anymore in the future after I go to basic training for the Air Force, I wanted to go back and do one last thing which is to fix up all the Verdun Weapons like how they should be and add the rest of them.

Without further ado, I present you the Verdun Weapons Pack, completed, redone, and finished.

Mega.co Download Link 1 (650MB Compressed Size - 2.0GB Uncompressed Size): https://mega.nz/#!ucswwJZb!vVAkJFguQeFSmpXWLp5y6pCAzi29pW1PZHwAVQ4ta50

Dropbox Download Link 2 (650MB Compressed Size - 2.0GB Uncompressed Size): https://www.dropbox.com/s/nv1xcey2e8fy08l/Verdun Redubbed.rar?dl=0

















32 Weapons in total not counting the miscellaneous weapons. List is found below.

The smoothing on some stuff looks rather bad in places, but nice job getting all of these.

You really need more brighter previews here, hard to see some of the stuff. Other than that nice work!!

the smoothing on ALL of the stuff, and EVERYWHERE

why would you release anything in such an unfinished state

Shouldn’t the ammo tray on Hotchkiss lmg be on the left side?

Also, the smoothing looks really bad.

It’s not unfinished, that’s how it is. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Hotchkiss 1909 guns fed from the right and ejected on the left.

The smoothing probably broke in blender.

I only extracted the models how they were in the files, I put them only through blender to bodygroup them and scale them. If you want you can try it yourself to get a personal result if you want. Here’s the unpacked folder with all the weapons from the file, I even put in the AssetBundleExtractor in there. To open the files, simply open the AssetBundleExtractor and then click open, all ya’ gotta do is just select one of the files and then when it opens up the contents, just highlight the mesh or the textures and click plugins on the right which gives you the option to extract it.


do you have no standards of any kind? do you jam a row of sticks into the ground and call that a fence? do you spit on a canvas and call that a painting? do you sew a bunch of wires to a blanket, call it a parachute, then act surprised as all hell when its user ends up a pile of gore on the pavement because “IT’S NOT UNFINISHED, THAT’S HOW IT IS”?

here’s the thing you had the audacity to release:

how can you not see that it is completely messed up beyond comprehension? this is what we call “broken smoothing” and it needs to be FIXED. you call yourself a “Maya modeler” - how the living shit do you not know all this already?

and here’s what it should look like because it’s a goddamn gun barrel. a gun barrel is a hard metal cylinder. solid shape, smooth surface, no grooves or dents on the outer face.

look. take your eyes to the thing, compare, and try to see what’s wrong.

we’ve been given the means to observe things. observation refers to seeing something with your eyes and then calculating its meaning with the thinkerbox inside your skull. so when i see the fucking barrel of a gun, a thing that’s supposed to be a solid shape forged from a metal alloy, i know exactly what it is supposed to look like, and it looks nothing like the poor things in this release. “That’s how it is” has NEVER been an acceptable explanation for ANYTHING. if it was, we’d still be in the goddamn stone age, and the first person to discover fire would be beaten to death for heresy because it would upset the state of things “being how they are”. FUCK.

don’t try to dodge your responsibilities by making up bullshit. Portugalotaku already said that Blender broke the smoothing, and there’s a 99,999999% chance that he’s completely right. to fix this you need to redo everything and ensure the smoothing groups stay the way they’re supposed to be. the wood parts are okay. the metal most definitely is FAR FROM OKAY.

can you imagine what my shit would look like if i released them “the way they are”? for goodness’ sake put some effort into what you do.

Why do you gotta bust my balls, I didn’t expect to get any grammies or rewards when I came into this industry. I only looked to make people happy and give them what they want.

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I know people out there who want this stuff and are thankful for it, so if you’re only coming on here just to just complain about my style of work and how crap I am, please go away before you cause another international incident, I already too much too many to start up again.

I only really care about the mesh anyway, so it made me happy, ty.

I’ve porter over one model with proper smoothing.

These weapons could have looked really good.


Feel free to port the weapons over yourself if you want, it’s why I put the folder there for people to do if they don’t think my job is good enough.

You are overreacting over broken smoothing? Come on there are more important stuff to worry about. Blender broke the smoothing and TDO could not fix it, it’s not the end of the world.

He’s not lashing out because it’s broken, but because TheDevilsOwn refuses to admit it.
The latter is the problem here.

if he’s releasing a pack that is 2GB uncompressed and refuses to admit there’s a problem when there clearly is then I want Joazzz to ‘overreact’ as much as possible. 2GB for something with poor quality is a pretty shitty release imo

I appreciate the effort but the practical reality is if the models are ugly due to broken smoothing groups, nobody’s going to use them for anything serious.

I’m not gonna admit it cause I didn’t tamper with it other than exporting it from Blender. I’m not looking to get any rep’ for this, I uploaded it only for the people I know who wanted it but I mostly did it for me. Am I forcing you to download it, no I ain’t. Now back off. Cause at this point this is just borderline harassment.

Yeah, you didn’t tamper with them, that’s the problem. Porting isn’t just import-export-done-I-dont-give-a-shit. The vast majority of tools for importing models into programs don’t retain everything, it’s your job to fix all the issues that come from it if you’re porting something.

It’s not harassment, it’s constructive criticism. I guarantee you none of the big players in the modeling scene got to where they are by blowing off all deflection and refusing to improve from their beginnings. This is a release with a lot of work put into it but it’s just not very useful while the smoothing groups are messed up.

Nobody is telling you to give up modeling forever, you just need to work on smoothing groups. Joazzz is trying to hammer home that it’s a big deal, because it is. These are not high quality models as long as the smoothing is that janky. It really fucks with visual fidelity. In his example, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the barrel shroud is supposed to be vented with the default “fuck it” smoothing group if it wasn’t so zoomed in, and it looks unnatural as hell. The fix is not difficult, only tedious.

The bulk of the tedium is already out of the way if you kept your qcs, just go back and recompile them with fixed smoothing groups when you get the time.