WW2 Airborne Battle

Basically, I’m getting back into Garry’s Mod (for those of you who may remember me) and I plan on doing a Comic based on the Airborne in WW2 (Which will or will not come to fruition based on my college work) and to get back into posing I’m currently building a large street battle scene.

Here are a couple of screenshots of what I have done so far (it is by no means finished):





None of them are edited thus far, because what I’m doing is working on posing before I work on editing.

However, if any of you feel like editing any of these images, please do so, but only post them in this thread.

Anyways, comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated.

Great posing, but yeah, they could use some editing. If you want them to get little bit more attention, we have a thread for just this kinda thing: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=917720


I’m not overly trying to push people into editing my work – just saying if anyone fancies doing it then to keep it in this thread so I can keep track on it.

Side note: I’m having issues with ragdoll joints unfreezing after re-loading the save game and ruining the poses I’ve done thus far. It’s getting quite tedious. Anyone know how to fix this?

You are smart.

I like you.

Can’t help you with your question but it looks awesome, good posing… would look awesome with some tracer fire and dust impacts all over the place D: dreams

cant wait till its finished!

Your posing is great. Now: editing.

I’ve got the feeling you’ll be one of the most important posers if the following months. Posing is perfect.

It’s nice to come back to some positive feedback. :smiley:

The posing has taken quite a long time – I put in a couple hours per night – but this is because I usually come up with ideas which are hard to execute so I go for something simpler – and I’ve been going a couple of nights.

I’m trying to sort out a problem I’m having with ragdoll hands unfreezing upon loading the game and not being able to put them back in the positions they were in previously as it’s getting fucking annoying now.

Good going, keep it up.

Looking forward to seeing you around here :smile:

i wonder what it would like after it is done.What map is that?

It’s dod_kaust :slight_smile:

Overall the posing is nice and the angles are excellent but it does need editing.

I’m not going to edit it until I’ve finished the scene – read what I said in the first post! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so I’m starting the first edition of my WW2 feature comic now. Progress is slow.

Their pretty good but uh… I don’t get these two.


Why is he aiming an unloaded machine gun. :confused:


Uh… I don’t get this posing at all. Why is one running away and two floating? Unless you’re planning to add an explosion or something.


Edit: fuck, didn’t see that crater. you must be planning to add an explosion. my bad.

It’s mainly posing practice, and I’m gonna struggle to Photoshop in an MG belt because, well, I’ve never done it before lol. I’m editing the first screenshot of my feature comic now and I will upload in this or a new thread.

The posing is excellent, in all honesty. I like how you got the soldier on the MG posed prone. Those have always been some what difficult for myself but you pulled it off well without it looking awkward.

I don’t see any problems with it and in terms of “realism”, they look realistic and natural enough to feel like soldiers. I think you’ve got the posing down pat you ask me!

On another note, you should look into getting new skins for your weapons. Everybody loves HD weapons.

Thank-you! :’)