WW2 and more S.A.S. vs. Ter.

Yes I know the S.A.S.’ pose in this picture is awkrard,im working on my gun poses.

Can someone edit my poses?Whoever does will have full credit.Oh and I know the Americans are using German weapons.I screwed up on that.

Posing is horrible to be honest. Looks like these are your first. These are some good ideas, I would’ve edited them if the posing was better. No fingerposing of faceposing either.

Well, at least you turned graphics up.

i just expected awesome edit and pose

why… why don’t you edit these pictures?

Camera angles are horrible, as is the posing. Just try to avoid stiff posing and wasted space.

this is just, absolutely horrible, every one…

At least put the effort into the finger poses rather than just positioning the hands–makes a huge difference.

christ they are all terrible, please play around with the ragdolls longer before posting screenshots of them.

And sorry to sound mean but no one good is going to edit your shit pictures.

you need a lot of improvement in your posing…

Posing is pretty bad to be frank. I suggest some practice. Get some new gun models. Search ‘Larry’ up on Garrysmod.org and download all 3 parts. You won’t be dissapointed.

This IS still a troll right?

A big joke right?

It better be, because I lol’d hard.