WW2 British Infantry and Airborne

Hey, I’ve just found those british soldier and para models, wich were made for the WW2 documentary series “WW2 Greatest Raids”. I just wanted to know if someone is willing to port them to source and give them Arma heads and CoD hands, the models already have bones. Here’s how some of the models look like :


Helmets are included too.

You can see the Commando models used there :

Here’s the download link for the models : https://mega.nz/#!JIUG2DAY!79TYFO9c5ct-7rYIUoDU2xpypMeqYuOE2T39JxbATMU

Thanks in advance to whoever will help me.

Let’s try to get Joe on it, he has everything set up for porting from RO2, I think.


I can easily do the materials and convert them to ValveBiped but someone else will have to get the Arma heads.

EDIT: Done. Sent them over to Trek.

Awesome dude, thank you !

Where did you find these?

In Heroes of the West mod for RO2. Those models were made by Antimatter games for the documentary in the OP, they were given to the HotW dev team, as well as some really neat stuff like the Remagen and Pegasus bridges, a submarine base, etc…

In that case someone should also port the US Infantry from that.

I’ll post a link for the raw models in here then.

Though, I still wish someone would rip the WWII models from Black Ops 3, they’re probably the most high quality WWII American models with the most variety we’re ever going to get unless there’s suddenly a new AAA WWII game out.

There are WW2 soldiers in BO3 ? didn’t know that.

They’re really not as great as you’re making them out to be.

Yeah I took a look in Google and they’re not that good, the SE3 US rifleman is way better imo.

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Here’s the US army soldiers : https://mega.nz/#!0UdATZBb!BkkoH2vl2egL4GSZFsLA5L-hiAvNonDlwGXe4VSDUxQ

They aren’t bad models by any stretch of the imagination, just not really that groundbreaking compared to the other stuff that’s available.

The “most variety” thing simkas mentioned is also kind of laughable considering there’s a grand total of two models with much of the same gear. The playermodel version barely counts as a third considering it’s just a slightly less shitty looking version of one of the actual soldiers.


Honestly those are the worst looking WW2 US soldiers models I’ve seen in a while, in term of historical accuracy. They’re just horrible.

I don’t really know enough to comment on that. I know the helmet on the germans looked kind of funky and more like a WW1 helmet, but at a glance the US stuff looks at least vaguely right.

Yeah the gear as it is on those is a weird mish mash of gear all worn in really weird ways, I was more talking about the uniform itself, as there’s a good quality and accurate versions of both the more early war short jacket infantry uniforms, as well as the later war version.

OK, so the commando is ported now. Sorry for pic size.


As you can see, I made a cleaner version of the battledress for them, and gave them both the greener and the browner versions. Also, ham and jam gear is the best I could find.

I’m thinking about giving them some insignias, I’d appreciate some ideas. Maybe someone could do the weapons?

The paratrooper is coming soon.

what is wrong with that forearm

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also those hand normals are inverted

Missed the hand normals, fixing it.

As for the arms, they’re rather shittily rigged, but I don’t know how to fix that. Unless someone helps me out, that’s the way it’s gonna be.

You can use the gear from SE3 models, it’s way higher quality.