WW2 Citizens

I lost my flatcap model so yeah…
Anyways includes everything besides the hat.
If you wanna use it for anything ask me in this thread, Also post why you like it or why you don’t.

WW2 Civi Skins all by me, The flatcap was lost in a reformat everything else is included, There rigged fine and compiled for player model animations.


Back when Reich RP was promising.

Oh thanks mod for moving it.

Mind If I use this in a comic or posing something?

I hate those Hi res heads. They look too wierd.

can i use these for a resistance pose?

These will look great in WWII poses. Good job. :downs:

Why do you even think about releasing a model if you want to people to ask you if they can use 'em ?
They’re good by the way.

They look nothing like WWII. Did you take a look at what people used to wear on these days?
Not fashionly ripped jeans anyhow.

These look nice.

Try to look closer, they’re not jeans.

And I believe they are ripped from running away from tanks.

I know nothing about ww2 so I looked at pictures and asked people so if I got anything wrong my bad.
Anyways I wanted people to ask permission to use em so I could see the stuff they made with em.
So go ahead and use em for comics but post em so I can look at em.

This could be very handy. Good job.

If you ask me they look like Brits. Specially the REALLY white guy. But good job anyway.

I was just trying to check what PRECISELY WW2 time suits look like. I came up with this picture, I mean urgh! Nazi flag EVEN WHILE BEING ON HOLIDAY AT BEACH!!?


I know, don’t even tell me, but I have to do this.

Can someone fix these models? Only requires animations to reset on them or so. (Creator approves.)

Where did the wemon go?

Stop bumping an old thread. Look at the post dates. Also, it’s spelled women.

wtf is a wemon

Might use them for my 1950 RP.