WW2 Crewed Tank Event - 2017

Hello and welcome to the WW2 Crewed Tank Event!

Hosted by Warpzeh, Ghosteh & DatAmazingCheese

Greetings all tankers! It’s about time there were more tank events, so here’s one which we believe will be very fun and unique!


Event Time


Timeline: 1942

You may now build and enter!

Basic Information

  1. Each team represents a different country.

  2. Each team consists of 3 people, who all operate the same tank. One person must drive, one must gun and one must command.


  1. Tanks built must of been built with the selected timeline (that was chosen during the poll) and your teams’ country.

  2. Tanks must be built to a good quality and must have effort put into it. They must also be built to scale and be accurate armor wise.

  3. Tanks are not allowed third person cameras. The cameras much match up with where they would be realistically. This will be checked!

  4. Tanks must and only can operate with these E2s. This is because we want a level playing field.

Turret Control
Movement Control

You may use your own HUD chips. However, these may be checked. If you don’t have a hud, you can use this.

Optional E2s
Commander’s Order
Tank Radio
Tank Loader

Crew Camera

Use this E2 for your driver, commander, bow gunner, etc. Set the position of the offset to a realistic/accurate optics position on the tank. And the default position to the users head on the chair.

  1. Armour of the tank must be accurate to real counterpart and will thoroughly checked. If a debate sparks, you must provide sources for the armor values.

  2. Ammo velocity & penetration cannot go over the historical maximum. A good source of information is the War Thunder wiki.

  3. The limits are 170 props max, 60 holos max and 250 entities in total (this includes ammo, pod controller, e2’s, etc).

  4. Tank turret traverse must be accurate to the real counterpart. However, there is a maximum traverse rate of 25d/s.

  5. Top speed must be reasonable. It will be tested before event.

  6. Acceleration must be reasonable for the chosen weight class.

  7. The tank must be in service. This means no paper tanks or prototypes.

  8. The tank must be in service the year of the timeline choice or started service on that year. EG. No IS2s in 1940 but you could see Pz IIs.

  9. Countries can use tanks from other countries aslong as historically it was so.

Enter Form:

Fill this out when entering.


**Please cite sources properly. Don’t say that you got it from a book, or a wiki page. Cite the exact place so it’s easy for us to search.

When quoting wikis for sources, please makesure your link takes you to the section where the information is.**


  • If someone has already enrolled and chosen your country you must change, no doubling up. So be quick to secure your spot!
  • YOU MUST enroll with a full team ready to go.
  • Certian countries will be able to be selected twice. However it will only be two. No more.

Country List
The Soviet Union x2 -
Nazi Germany x2 -
The United Kingdom x2 -
French -
America x2 -
Japan -
Italy -
Czechoslovakia -
Hungary -
Sweden -

Just a side note: The french are more or less fucked if the timeline is anything past 1942-1943 or so. Reason being that they obviously didn’t get to develop tanks past that point what with being invaded and all. Also, the ones they did have prior to that weren’t too terribly great.

We’re looking into every country and seeing if they’re able to actually stand a chance no matter what the timeline is. Thanks for speaking up we’ll get on it.

What If, let’s say, it is a 2 man tank?

We’d like to keep it at 3 but by the end of the poll we’ll have a good estimate of how many people are participating so if numbers are thin then we might allow it. Although having a 2 man crew is a bigger advantage over 3 since its easier to coordinate.

why not combine just italy and czechoslovakia under germany as the axis powers

[editline]7th January 2017[/editline]

and japan

Needs Sweden

The event will play out in a bracket format.

There will be more countries added! We didn’t expect that ~30 people would participate.

Cool, will tanks have to have fuel? Stupid question


Sorry but we’re not allowing entries yet. So you may as well snip your post. Sorry. You should read the post.

Gotta have that street cred yo

Haha sorry about that. I was confused by a few people. Really excited for this competition though!

Can we actually not use terribly coded e2’s? I’ll even post my own bloody e2’s in the thread with identical behaviour and less terrible coding, because absolutely screw the ones in the OP

Also, if we’re having dedicated drivers in a ww2 themed event, why require the use of an auto-shifter lol

Well, these are the E2s we’re using. I’m not sure what experience you have to call the chips we’re using terrible.

These are the chips we’re providing and requiring you to use.

I wouldn’t mind you telling us why they’re terrible. Seems like you know a fair bit.

Well sadly I have someone else typing for me, My eyes bursted in an explosion of blood as I saw these E2s so I guess they speak by themselves. The first sign of a horrible E2 is inconsistent spacing.

Also may I ask why are you doing setPos and setAng on a god damn turret chip? Who wrote this?

So why did the turret control e2 get a massive downgrade?
I mean, everyone got to use the superior ones, so why change it? Seriously why downgrade it to this poopy stuff?

I get why you want us all to use the same e2s, but seriously these turret ones my god, and I thought my code was unoptimized. Just go back to simple generic gyro, its lag free and first person or you can make it that, you don’t have to overcomplicate because “needs to be 100% WW2 accurate”.

If you guys could read. It says its subject to change to a better version. Which is in the works.

The reason we’re not using Generic Gyro is because it isn’t realistic. When the hull moves the gun is stabilized. Not to mention the camera can’t be locked to the gun.

The E2 in the works is optimized like GG. Simply wait a day. You technically shouldn’t even be building yet until the poll is complete.

If the chip ends up not working we’ll be going back to GG5. Only if the WASD turret isn’t worthwhile. But right now its shaping up to be nearly done.

I didnt know gunners used a keyboard to aim their guns, W -fucking- ow