WW2 Era Gamemode

I am coding a WW2 gamemode, complete with it’s own maps, custom weapons, jobs, and skins(hopefully, If I can find someone who can do that for me. I dont have the processing power.) Is there any interest in this, or am I wasting my time?

And please, no rude or hurtful comments.

That’s cool

But is it cool enough to keep spending my time on?
and for clarification, I just need help on modeling and skinning, but I can do all the coding, if that helps.

Is this going to be a DarkRP like thing, or a serious RP thing?

Its gonna be a mix. I plan for it to have fairly small but complex maps, leading to more serious rp. It is gonna look and feel like a rewritten DarkRP, which it is. But, Guns are gonna be crazy expensive, and only the army units get anything bigger than a pistol. Bottom line, a nice, serious Roleplay with a somewhat relaxed atmosphere.

I believe this is some kind of RP, I’d think, by the jobs part.

This has been attempted before, but it just recently failed. They were called Reich Roleplay.


Ninja’d, it is RP

Well, this will be better. I have a “vision” for it. The maps are gonna have a very 40’s feel to them. As for the gamemode, I cant make my own so I am rewriting Dark completely. I just need some maps, skins, and models, so I can code them.

How far along are you?

Gamemode - 35% needs major improvement for my gamemode
Custom Sweps - 60%, got the code all done, need models
Maps - 0% Aint got ^%$#
40’s skins - 60% got the jobs made, needs skins
Name - 0% I got nothin for a name
Overall - About 30%

This is FP, you don’t have censor your shit.

Lol, trying to have at least a little bit of class. :slight_smile:

Basically guys, I have all the code I need except for the gamemode, and I am working on that now. I just need someone to make maps, skins, and models for guns. I might have to alter the code a bit if the skins/models wont go well with them. But overall, what do you guys think about the project? Be honest… but have taste in what you say.

Also, since I have never comletely rewritten most of DakrRP, where are the built in shipments and jobs located?

ill make the map


if u want

I might be able to help with the mapping :slight_smile:

make guns do no damage but give the one hit and the one that fired the gun a indication of where he/she has been hit, so he/she can roleplay according to it.

Or said otherwise “shoot to miss and rp”

I will be watching this project with interest xD

EDIT: Forgot to mention, do you plan on making this historically accurate?

I coyld help with Ideas,I play WWII games all the time,seen loads of weps n stuff.
Allso know a bit about Jobs and Classes

I’ve discovered this secret link;
Don’t give it out!

Modern Warfare 2 is not WWII


But why not use Cakescript? Just that bit more security with a flag system instead of a vote system :/.

Or kuroScript…