WW2 Japanese Soldiers

Okay So Currently we Have quite A Few German, American, Russian WW2 Soldiers. We Even have some USMC Models… But unfortunetly We have no Japanese Soldier models? At one stage I do believe someone was working on them but I think they gave up on them. So I was wondering if someone Could possibly Port/Rig Some Japanese Soldiers, And we could possibly Acheive this by Porting Them from:

Medal Of Honour Pacific Assault:


Call Of Duty World At War.

I’m pretty sure this won’t get done but If someone could please at least attempt this, it would be nice.

I am wondering why out of all the CODWAW models, the Japanese haven’t been touched yet.

Has luxox ripped the models yet?

Hmm… I’m not exactly sure. I don’t believe so though.

the japanese models from CODWAW are ripped 2 years ago :suicide:

I admit I am a person who does things by halves LOL!!!

Seriously. These need to be done. Fucking Russians are being done TO DEATH, get some of the Japs in here!

We definitely need some Japs in here.

There are two BAD Japanese models in my Kuma War pack, and I have Waw’s Japs on my old PC but I got them from one the Koreans on this forum. I can’t remember who gave them to me and I’m not sure if he’d like me uploading them.

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There are also some Japanese weapons in the Kuma War, now that I think of it. Not of a great quality either thought.

Didn’t that one Korean guy port them and wave them around internet cock style, but never released them?

That dude who also ported stuff from Witcher and also waved them around but never released them.

Yup it’s this guy:

Posts shit loads of pictures of his ported models but never responds to replies in his threads and never returns pms.
Oh and never released any of those models.

Yeah, that’s the one. I don’t know anything about the witcher stuff thought.

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Found the files on an old external hard drive of mine.

You sir, are my god. I requested these like a million times on my old account (MarineFreakUSMC) and everyone was being an ass. Thank you Dutch Guy.

Yey, thanks bud.

Ten-thousand years! :V

Hmm… To be fair, the rigging is pretty stiff and there’s missing faces on the guns :frowning:

Stop raging he’s in hospital, He got severe injuries from an operation that got wrong

I got the textures for them, but not the models so if I bothered learning to model/ragdoll I probably could make them…

I’ll Try and make them more flexible. If it works I’ll upload them.


Sadly enough it worked!, and the japanese soldiers are extreamly flexible!, But there is a strange bug with there waist and well i’ll just let you see for yourselves

Im Unsure why they did this when I replaced the .phy files, but it’s pretty weird… If someone could figure out what’s the problem or how to fix it, that’d be great.

What triggers that glitch? When you fool around with the waist? Or is it like that when you spawn them?

If you manage to fix that problem, could you possibly upload it? The updated Phys i mean

Spawns Like that unfortunetly… I’ll try giving it a less flexible phy’s file and see if that works.

Stop being a smartass, I don’t have a telepathic connection to people that use internets on the other side of the world.

I never had a scenario such as: “I just felt a great disturbance in the force, that porter guy who never replies to any messages from anyone must have gone through a 3rd world country shitty hospital operation that injured him more than his original injury, I must quickly find empathy for this unknown person who I’ve only seen post couple of times.”

Hahahahahaha, you sir, just made my day.

Maybe because he’s in hospital he has’nt replied? You’ve got a brain, Use it.