WW2 Pacific


It’s good, isn’t it?

There’s way too much empty space, and you there should be more soldiers running around in the background. Right now it looks like these two guys assaulted a beach by themselves.

when you say “it’s good isn’t it” you give off a really obnoxious vibe

how have you made 33 posts in 6 days


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i don’t know

well then you’re going to need some serious help because that means you’re not in control of your own actions anymore


This might just be the most effortless pose I have ever seen. You threw 2 ragdolls on the floor, sprayed some blood on one and that’s it.

the thing is tho even in the pose the background looks nothing like the pacific front of ww2 and the two guys are US Army wearing the european uniform, not even marines/army wearing the pacific uniform.

I’m spending a lot of time on these stuff, really. And that is the point of this scene, one of them is shot and they are looking at each other, idk it seem cool to me, i’m improving it in time.

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Background is hl2 lost coast, i used some soldier skins that i had :v:

It’s a cool idea, it just wasn’t executed very well. For crying out loud, there’s a rusty, beached boat in the background that obviously doesn’t fit the theme.

floating helmet

Its bad. Not worth its own thread, it could have been good if you maybe added some marines running in the background and making sure the map actually looked like the pacific.

You have passion, that’s really great. You just need LOTS and LOTS of practice.