WW2 Scene

Don’t dupe ragdolls.

It has some great potential. Well for starters. Everyone hates ingame explosions, just search up some photoshop explosion tutorials. Also don’t duplicate ragdolls, even if you tweak them a bit people will notice. Does your SDoF work? If so use that in every picture, or well… alot. SDoF just gives it that hard work feel. Anyways, just work on the flaws and you’ll start getting better.

Haha damn you guys know…The running soldiers a lie! K guys I got some more pics…Now these ones arent Photshopped or anything just taking some raw photos to get a feel of Modern ones.





WTF? Can you guys see the picture?




Finially Sorry

I see what you mean by the scene from the MW2 campaign. More trees. More grass. This is scene building. Everytime you take a screenshot max out your graphics, even if you have the framerate of 2 frames perseconds, choose your angle. Max out graphics. SDoF it up. Save screenshot. Profit.

Alright but like I said its a raw photo of my Modern Scenes…I am going to try to work on a quick firefight scene and I’ll make it beutifull. Keznie will be taking the pictures from now on since he has the better graphics card. And I guess we will be working seperatly now so…We’ll see how things work out.

It may not be much, but I made three examples for you:

There is nothing cool or diffrent about it. Just another boring, uncool, pose…

Alright! Now we are getting somewhere! You used better models instead of standard and unclassic models, better looking weapons, a custom 1911 Colt Pistol (Not yours! This is my own…) It just needs that extra touch…(Flash, Blur, and finger/face posing…) It also shows you need post-editing. ANYONE can do post editing, but what about in game…


Congratulations! You just made a great action scene! The fact you used IN GAME editing shows you are a professional! You used better models, guns, bullet wounds, actors, blood, bullet effects, and even flashes! You,sir, are a posing genius!

I think you want the TADA example if I were you…Shows you can make good poses.

Alright, Ill try my best to make some good scenes but Kenzie going rouge kinda fucked this whole thing up…

That editing is terrible.

That picture is ugly as sin.

dude, if you are going to try to show off ingame editing, you should probably learn to be good at it first.

This is what ingame editing should look like

Hey guys sorry I havent posted anything recently I’ve been busy with school. But I just had a pretty good idea…Im going to make a WW2 scene but it will be unique. No D-Day shit or Paratrooper missions or action scenes. I am thinking about making a Comic even. I have gotten Photoshop and will try my hardest to make the best screenshot possible.

you know,improving your posing should be your priority here

Yes! The posing is infact the source of the awesomeness of most pictures.


shit you ain’t kidding :aslol:

the heilcopter needs to be replaced by a pavelow on the other hand nice job

Jesus Christ I keep getting side tracked. Still working on that screenshot guys. Give it 3 days maybe 2

ow oops didn`t read the “im making a comic post” -snip-

The only things that bother me are the random explosions, the “statue dupe” ragdolls and the lack of dead people.

Well it was out first screenshot. We didnt really think about adding tons of stuff.


And guys I did a quick thing on Gmod today with ODST’s. It is edited but in-game editing and I used the sample of The Greens picture. I would like to say I think its the TADA sample. Damnit I cant make it come up though. But im gonna launch up Garrys Mod and make a pleasable one for you guys.

Gee, it might help if they were FIRING THEIR FUCKING GUNS