WW2 Vehicles

Anyone knows any ww2 civilian vehicles i could use in mapping/making them driveable?
I already have the Citroen 7CV or however it is called, and i also have the Citroen Delivery Van.
Do any of you know a nice civilian/neutral vehicle i could use? Resistance And Liberation does not have any, already checked. Same goes for Gamebanana and DoDBits.

Have any idea about the game containing one? That’s the thing.

Yes, Mafia II, The Saboteur, Sniper Elite V2, when you think enough theres many games.

Find how to port frmo Sniper Elite V2 and I will port the cars for you.

3D Ripper DX, i tried myself but i gave up trying to find the textures.

well I got the textures, but no models.

On SniperElite? Plus i’m sure RO2 has some nice models, and The Saboteur has REALLY nice one. Hey, add me on steam, lioreluse, we need to talk.

Yeah I got all the textures but I can’t “port” the models.

If you want the RO2 civilian vehicles, I’ve already ported them…


I’ll PM you the link after I fix one the collision models.