Is there any WW2 gamemode?


I’m thinking about making one (If I would get some help). Something like "You split up in 2 teams on one side each and try to push the lines forward in the same time as you build up defense.

It excist many addons that can be used on garrysmod.org

Like this, for example: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=66509

Anyway, is anyone interested in helping me?

Day of Defeat perhaps?

Don’t make it anything like day of defeat, day of defeat is random madness theres not much stratedgy to it make it have trenches and shiot maybe a ww1 mod with planes and gas and vimy ridge set up

It wont be any day of defeat because then people that don’t have it can’t use the gamemode (smart huh?)
Anyway, I have got 1 person that has showed interest, anyone else?

If you want to contact me, please go to www.ddemocracy.info (can be used for devployment)

The gamemode will be public.

ww1 source was released go get it no need for a ww1 gamemode


Modern Warefare 2 perhaps?

im kinda creating a WW2 RP gamemode atm… Basicly darkRP in a nazi uniform with different menus jobs models guns etc etc