WW3! Everyone Welsome! PvP/ Sleepers/Instacraft/Great Admin/24/7 Daytime!/

Tired of being raided and having some guy place a pillar in your hard worked base? Tired of the idiots building walls outside your door to trap you in? What are you waiting for our Admins handle this and much more. Players who are unsure about leaving their current server behind contact us In-game we will do our best to help get you going! Bring your friends! We teleport them right to you so both of you can begin your journey. Instead of 30 min hikes to find each other!

We Also have Arena Built! Great community of 20+ right now just started server 1/31/2014! We will have server events such as Battle Royal! Clan Matches! Cod/BF4 type Arena so you feel like your playing a fps/
Raid and siege (huge castle structure you & friends will be raiding it! another team will be inside trying to defend you off)! Great Prizes for the Winners of each Event!

We are always open to ideas and improvement!