WWE 2K15/2K14, F.E.A.R., Unreal Tournament 3 models and more.

Here’s some models I’ve ripped. I’ve only been ripping for about two weeks, so I apologize in advance if my models aren’t to the level of quality that I’ve seen around here. Any suggestions are welcome.

Shinse ; Skara: The Blade Remains



.psk format with bones

Maiden in Red ; Betrayer


She comes with a bow and arrow that don’t have textures. Unfortunately, they were in another location within the game’s files and I only noticed (really, remembered) after I uninstalled the game. I’ve been meaning to get back into it, so I may update this at a later date.

.psk format with bones

Jester ; Unreal Tournament 3


The files here are a tad messy. I’m not sure why they exported like that. Everything necessary is in there, however.

.psk format with bones
.ascii format with bones

Xeno ; Unreal Tournament 3 Xeno Mod


If this model is off for whatever reason, please contact me. I accidentally deleted the original .psk and may have messed up the location of some textures. Additionally, trying to open this in XNALara will result in a model with no textures. Open in Blender if you need to instead.

.ascii format with bones

Selket ; Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict


This model didn’t have normal maps. Or, if it did, it did not export with them. I had to make some myself in Photoshop, which means that they’re not great. But they are included.

.psk with bones
.ascii with bones

Alice Wade, Jin Sun Kwon, Teenage Alma Wade, Hag Alma Wade, and Point-Man ; F.E.A.R.




Not Pictured: Hag Alma Wade.

.obj format, no bones

Edit: Here’s Point-Man with a full head.


AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, and Lita ; WWE 2K14
AJ Lee, Nikki Bella, Summer Rae, and Paige ; WWE 2K15 for the Xbox 360
AJ Lee, Nikki Bella, Lana, Summer Rae, Brie Bella, Natalya, Tamina, and Emma ; WWE 2K15 for the PC

NOTICE: For whatever reason, the WWE 2K models usually have diffuse textures with no alpha channels. I rendered some of these images before identifying and solving the problem. There will be a solution to this problem below all of this. Also, the 2K15 models for PC have removable parts of their attires.














Not Pictured: Summer Rae, Tamina, Natalya

.obj format, no bones
.yobj format, with bones

To solve the alpha channel problem with the models, you’ll need to import the diffuse, and the normal maps to Photoshop. Then, drag the alpha channel from the normal into the diffuse texture. Save with these settings in .dds format using the Nvidia .DDS Tools plugin.

Tools Used:
3DS Max 2010 (necessary to open .yobj extension)
Adobe Photoshop CC
Brienj Pac Archiver

Tools Needed to Import .psk and .yobj:
Action X Importer for 3DS Max
.psk Blender importer
Brienj .yobj importer for 3DS Max

If I’m doing anything wrong here, please tell me so that I can correct it as soon as possible.

I would not have been able to rip WWE 2K models without instructions and information from pepsiguy_2, so a very big thanks for that.

You can do whatever you’d like with these models.

I usually see that Mediafire does not hold up for long, so feel free to rehost these packs and reupload them whenever necessary.

Thanks, enjoy.

tits and asses; the release

Thanks so much for the releases. YOU ROCK! :slight_smile:

Fuck, that sucks point man’s head is missing, and he’s the most badass model out of em all in F.E.A.R.
i’ve actually tried ripping point man from the first fear myself and could never get his head either :\

Point-Man is a weird one, because he should have a head. I’m almost sure in one of the original games for PC, there’s a puddle somewhere that reflects his model and his head can be seen. Of course, there’s no mirrors in the game, but I’m almost sure there’s a puddle. That would be the only way I could see getting his head.

I have access to all the models in the game because I installed the SDK, but exporting a Model00p into a usable format is impossible, in my experience. The mesh comes out fine, but the UV maps are totally screwed.

Edit: Here we go.

Now, I’m not sure that’s even in the first game. It may be Extraction Point. It’s definitely not Perseus Mandate. It may be the multiplayer though. Point being, his head is in there somewhere.

There was a co-op mod called “Co-op Warfare” which showed all the multiplayer models; including pointman but to my experience i couldn’t get ninja ripper to work with the .bat or .exe file for some reason, sucks.

Going to see if a method I’m thinking about will work. At least in getting his model in a visible position.

If he still doesn’t have a head, then I guess we’re out of luck.

Edit: There we go.

If you turn the graphics shaders up to maximum in the game, you can view Point-Man’s head in any reflective surface.

Will try to rip now.

Edit 2: It worked.

Will likely release the entire Point-Man model tomorrow.

whooooaaaa… I CAN"T WAIT :DDDD

You will be a god among men.”

Here’s Point-Man.


Will be updating the links in the OP as well.

HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG… if you could get the r-r-r…replica soldiers aswell… oh ma lanta.

Which ones? The standard Replica that you encounter regularly? There’s a few different variants on those guys alone.

Or all of them, like the Elites you encounter at the end of the game, and the armored guys? There’s also the Assassins, but they technically aren’t Replica.

Could do the standard guys, but I’d likely make a separate release if I did them all, and it’d probably take a while.

i’d wait centuries if it meant getting ALL the soldiers was a possibility, if you may consider it. i’m working on point man as we speak!

Sure, I’d consider it. The only reason I even got into model ripping was because I needed some of the models from FEAR for a retrospective I’m doing on the franchise. It’d be at least two weeks before I could get started on ripping them, though. The standard guys, I could get tonight and release tomorrow. They’re in the opening of the game, so I wouldn’t have to go looking for them or anything. Beyond that, it’s a matter of using console commands to skip levels to find them and rip them. I know where most of them are.

There’s also the matter of the Replica truck and helicopter.

By the way, you need Fettel? Someone ripped him a long time ago.

that sounds awesome! and sure!, you could probably put fettle on here if you wanted to :smiley: any props or weapons from the game would be pretty badass aswell! we could also chat on steam if you’d prefer

I hate to be that guy but is there any chance of you grabbing some of the other UT3 Ronin?

Sure. You need guys like Reaper and Othello? I also have Lauren lying around somewhere.

Shouldn’t be too hard, although UT3 has a weird thing where models usually come in pieces due to the character customization in the game. I think all the Ronin are located in a “cinematics” pack within the files, so it should be easy.

I requested this Alice Wade model back in 2006 believe it or not, and nobody ported her. She’s hot as hell in the game, and you get to follow her through some of the levels. It was sure fun and thanks for porting her. :smile:

Hey man, not sure if you can get stuff from F.E.A.R. 2 but if you can, could you get the Abominations?

Ha, thanks. Alice was actually the first model I ripped. I thought she was a great addition to the game.

Sure, F.E.A.R 2 stuff is easily rippable. To my knowledge, you have to use a ripping program because the .mesh files inside the game have no extraction method available. However, someone got to the abominations, and the rest of the F.E.A.R 2 models long before I did.

Here’s the abominations:

Search “F.E.A.R. 2” on that site and you’ll find a lot of other models from the game.

I myself just finished up Rodney Betters and Spencer Jankowski.


That’s be awesome, alongside some of the other dudes.