WWE Daniel Bryan Chant in the background?

You’re going to hear it all the time now. Stand outside and listen to the wind, you’ll faintly hear a “Dan-iel Bry-an” chant very very faint every 10 seconds or so. Easter Egg?

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I should note, you need to be outdoors and near the coasts to hear the static…not the radiation sounds

I think you should take a break and step outside, maybe breathe some fresh air.

… and further spare yourself from brain damage by watching WWE.

Confirmed for Daniel Bryan enthusiast

I’ll have to have my kid check this out when we are on tonight… He watches WWE, and I’ve seen Bryan… That’s what constitutes superstars now… Wow WWE has gone downhill from when I used to watch it as a kid… Thank goodness for the WWE Network, I can show him WWF when it wasn’t as bad :wink:

dose anybody else when the see Daniel Bryan just chant yes yes yes yes all the time or just me