WWE Models: Rey Mysterio. Silent hill Models: Mannequin and Bubble Head Nurse.

Not the nurse from gmod.org

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section - read the rules" - Craptasket))

Ahem… http://facepunch.com/forums/44

can someone please make Rey Mysterio from wwe and put him in gmod

Just use requests!

can please someone make the clown from l4d2 and make it work in gmod

someone call a mod an ban gm_ghosthunt

no fine ill stop making threads ok please dont ban me i didnt do anything wrong

You should read the rules, man, you’re getting pretty annoying.

You did do something wrong, it’s probably the second or third time you’ve done this. How hard is it to remember to post requests in the Requests section?

Why do you exist