WWI bomber.

My inspiration for this was seeing this World War One bomber: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AEG_G.IV

And it suddenly occurred to me: Biplanes can be dual engined! OMG!

She uses only fin for steering and lift and uses the propeller tool for propulsion.

I designed her to be very stable, sturdy, and able to carry a lot of weight on her center of gravity.

She uses Ailerons and Elevators to steer, I didn’t put a rudder on because they don’t seem to work that well to me.

Since the propellers were so much lower than the center of gravity, I had to make the front weight 800.

Bird’s Eye View


From the rear mid-flight


From the front


From the side


Sorry, no video.

I had a real hard time deleting her. D’:

It’s very bland and very square. But nice try anyways =P

boxed because its so box like.

Very boxy and doesn’t look like a plane.

not very astheticly pleasing but the controls look nice. I must give you that. Some of the most stable gmod control surfaces ive seen.

I’ve been making planes for years but just started up on biplanes.
my first two depicted in the link below fly very well and look quite good ingame.


dload link: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=83503

Looks old-gmod-ish classical could use more of that “Win”-factor that classical GMod stuff has.

try again

The “fins” should not stick out of the wings, They are built into them. And i don’t really get what you mean with rudder. From what i know, Planes roll to steer.

It’s also very very boxy.

They can use yaw alone as well, or in conjunction with roll. Rudders control yaw.

Planes can turn with yaw. Look at some jets and you will see rudders, they combine roll and yaw unless IT’S A BARREL ROLL.


acctually all planes have rudders. Cant name a single one that doesnt. although there may be some without ailerons that have only rudders…

I was going to record a video for you guys this morning but adv doop broke.

By look at some, I mean look at a couple, not only a few have them.

I flew in it, it flies like a biplane, looks blocky but it flies somewhat smooth until like 10 seconds after it flies it just randomly crashes into the ground.

I looked at this last night and thought I’d say something about this, but I didn’t have the time or something. Now I’m bored and I still can’t understand why nobody’s said anything about it.


Why the fuck is it like that…?
Also. Looks like a flying boxfort.

Very old planes had wooden wheels :expressionless:

Look where the wheels are attached to.

I was talking about the thing vodka said.

Also, find me, 1. A WW2 bi-plane that’s shaped like boxes. 2. A WW2 bi-plane that’s shaped like boxes and that’s got wooden wheels.


or just any bi-plane with motors on the wings that’s double decked.


And now we wait for the agrees… :smug:


gave myself one cause I’m a dirty politician. :smug:


why the fuck can you rate yourself…?



Its a WW1 Bomber, not a WW2 bi-plane.