WWI Source Models - All Quiet on the Western Front Project

Hey guys. For this quarter’s book project I’m reading the booked called All Quiet on the Western Front written by Erich Maria Remarque. This book takes place during WWI and the protagonist is a German soldier. For my project I need to make a 2 minute movie trailer for the book. I convinced my teacher to let me use Garry’s Mod to film so that I wouldn’t need to go out and get real props and whatnot.

 So, what I need your guys' help with is:

-Getting the models from WWI Source into Gmod
-Getting the maps from WWI Source into Gmod
-Getting the playermodels from WWI Source to work as playermodels in Gmod
-Getting the ragdolls to be finger-posable and face-posable in Gmod

 I'm really not sure how to do these things myself, so I need your help. I dunno if I'm able to just extract all the files from the WWI Source and put them in the Addons folder in Gmod or what. If anyone could help me I would love you forever! By the way, I believe the project is due in a couple months so I'm trying to get a head start so that I'm not rushing it the night before. If you help me I'll give you and credits along with the WWI Source Team. I'll be sure to tell them about what I'm doing with their stuff. I will also be sure to post my finished product on Youtube or something like that for your enjoyment. Thank you so much for any help or advice!

wouldnt Gm_mount 2 work?

What is that?

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Nevermind. This might work. Thank you! Does anyone know if gm_mount2 works for playermodels?

If you tried it, does it work?
Cause im thinking about getting WW1 source to use the models, but im not gonna bother if it doesnt work with gm_mount.
Glad to be of assistance either way.

I’ll try this weekend and get back to you. If this works, it’ll make things sooo much more simple. Thanks again.

Sounds to me like you’re a one lazy bastard.

Well it would be a pain in the ass to get prop rifles and grenades and uniforms and etc.

I would know, as i live in Australia, the land of the bans and gunless.

Canada here Man are are clear you cant make videos with those.

You can get that stuff, it’s just a lot of paperwork

Yeah, which is a pain in the ass.

And it costs a lot of money.