WWI Source playermodels

I’ve been wanting playermodels of the WWI source characters for awhile, and I guess some others might, too. I’m no good at this stuff meself, but if someone took up this project, that’d be bloody dandy.

It’s a source game so you can just make a addon file with the models and materials files from WW1 source and it’ll work.

I suggest you to replace the physics of those models by the Enhanced Citizens one. ANd I saw that you wanted unmasked players. Just use bodygroups changer.

Edit : WARNING ! Those models have one of the most shitty fingerposing !

Look to the fingers. you can only move 2 fingers at a time.


the models are bad in general

wraithcat was working on some WW1 models for me a while ago, they were never quite finished though.

they were basically done other than the gasmasks clipping issues, I was planning to make them as alternative player models for the current WW1 source game.

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maybe I can see if I can release the pack and see if anyone wants to use them.

Well I was planning on adding some stuff to them (netted helmets) and fixing some bugs, just needed wraiths permission.

Out of curiosity how do you change the physics though?

It’s simple.

go into the WW1 source models folder, delete the .phys files that are in there (remember what the files were called though), copy and paste the phys files from the models you want the WW1 Source ones to behave like, change the name of the files you just moved so it’s the same as the file you deleted, and there you go, you can pose how you like.

Are those highlanders? Oi, I would love to see a release of this pack, even if it’s unfinished!

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I’ve tried bodygroup changer, doesn’t seem to work on the masks. I’ll try again.