WWII D-Day on Rust

I was in the server when this happened as well. Unfortunately it lagged out the connection and now the server is offline. Too many assets.

No you weren’t. There was no one in the server because it’s private right now. You were one someone elses server when they decided to do this, and this doesn’t crash the server.

Covert spies are in the loot crates

How about you back off and get some sense. I was in Naked Rebellion and this did happen publicly. The assest crashed the server and now it is called Naked Rebellion Reloaded because they had to wipe. You have some nerve telling someone else what they experienced when you were not even there.

Dude you said you were on the server, implying my server, when i did this. You weren’t as you said you were on Naked Rebellion which inst my server. That is exactly what I said in my previous post. I’m not sure where the confusion came from? I didn’t mean to be hostile in my post either sorry if I came off that way.

Okay I see now what you meant and I apologise. I took it as a snarky comment as if I was lying about being witness to the bug. The server I was in did crash and it happened in the middle of me constructing an entire metal building which was frustrating. You are correct I was not in your server. Sorry for being so quick to snap. As you have probably seen ingame, this community can be very good at trolling. :slight_smile:

More like Operation Market Garden.

You are correct about the community. I hope that is one thing that changes when Rust goes live but I’m not too optimistic about it lol.

It just Bob army from youtube.