After a long time without posting, I return with this picture I made yesterday when I was bored.
I hope you will enjoy it!


A Jap!!! Sexy posing though and great smokeshop.

The blur could have been toned down a bit, and a WWII era weapon would have been a better choice. However the posing is good, and the cigarette is a cool touch.

Fucking hot

She needs to have a Colt or a Luger even a P38. Secondly, this is the 40’s, not the 90’s she needed to be covered up more because
British accent
“This is unseemly, sir.”

O-M-G :pcgaming: :pcgaming: :pcgaming:

Did they have implants back then?

Amine models

If she’s Japanese, why is she wearing an allies helmet?

Yeah, she should be in an internment camp in the middle of the fucking desert

That’s some heavy smoke.

Or near some fucking cold-ass mountains.

Or with that all-Japanese detatchment, which was all-male, anyway.

Or maybe she’s fighting Nazi Zombies.


Nice posing. Cig’s a nice touch. Great editing.

Thank you all for your comments! I wanted to pose a soldier girl in a sexy way… nothing related to historical memory or something else…
And I know that is not a colt or a luger… I preferred a colt, but I have problems with DoD pistols, I think there’s not a worldview model or something, because appears a green circle around of the gun. Anyone knows why this could be?

A japanese girl wearing an american World War II army helmet, in a World War II environment and holding a modern Sig Sauer P22something. That just doesn’t seem right.

That smoke is awesome.

This is GMod. There is no such thing as right. When imagination is in the driver seat, logic goes to have a drink:)

She could have killed an american soldier and stolen his helmet, smoke and gun. As I said. Imagination.

Oh the modern gun. That’s easy. She is a time traveler.

Hmmm Not Best Attire For going into war. But I Like it

I’d storm her trenches.


Ohai, it’s world war II , i carry a bikini and a P226, just like any other girls from that age.

Oh wait -

I’d invade her germany.

I hide in her bush.