WWII - Hurry up! A german patrol is coming!

Well another of those WWII pictures that nobody likes.
It’s unedited, so, if someone wants to give a try… (I’m still without Photoshop)

I hope you enjoy.


Note: It is suposed to be a lighter in the right hand of the soldier who is putting the T.N.T.

Please leave comments.

Posing looks okay, but damn those twins! :argh:

Yeah… Always is the same… Valve did not worry too much of DoD models. Thanks for your comment ^^

Posing and angle is nice. Some wasted space though, need to crop it down.

ok, thanks ^^

Nice posing on the americans.

It was so dificult to pose them… I don’t like how is the posing in gmod10… I prefer gmod9 because when I execute phys_time_scale 0.1 you could put all the ragdoll in any position you wanted. In gmod10, the ragdoll positioning is very limited, I think.
Thanks for your comment.