WWII npc swep

I’ve downloaded dods npc on garrysmod.org and ive made a code for the mp40 and it’s not working, can someone help me with that and show me how to make nice npc swep.

Someone want to help me?

What exactly would the swep do? ( I don’t play DoD very often.) And would you want a npcs swep and a player swep?

I have the player swep but when I put it as a npc swep the guy is holding it correctly, aim is ok but when he try to shoot me there is a sound with no effect and damage. There is a lua error but I don’t remember what it’s saying.

Perhaps you should get a copy of what the Lua error is?
This way people could help you better with your problem.

it’s say : weapons/weapon_dod_base/shared.lua :406: attempt to call a nil value


Hope it’s my last bump.