WWII Npcs (In the right spot)

Well I started a thread here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=788743 and It was in the wrong place so now it goes here :slight_smile: anyways here is what that post said.

Hello everybody I’m a noob when it comes to lua or almost any kind of computer programming…
I Just have a request for any of those pros out there that make the really cool NPC or model packs. Can anybody make a very detailed and very nice and cool set of WWII Npcs? Ive searched all over and could only find simple re skins of combines and citizens. I’m trying to make a WWII movie series with gmod but having trouble with my Germans (Dan’s NPC pack ones and the Reskins of combines) shooting each other and just being overall uncooperative with the NPC control stool

Thanks for reading my post and if you can give me any advice on these forums it’s welcomed (I’m new to facepunch)

Have a good day

Nobody? Well that’s a downer.

What are you trying to make them do exactly?

Nothing in particular I’m just wondering if anybody could make a Snpc of German and American WWII soldiers (Different Skins if at all possible)


there is 2 germans in dans snpc pack but im not sure where to get the american soldier…

(german soldiers in the pack above)
other than that i dont think anyones done any ww2 npcs

Yeah I have the 2 in Dan’s but I would like some American NPCs that are not just re-skins of citizens.

Who rated me dumb, please tell me what I have done wrong here? I would like to know I’m new here so by all means show me the ropes.

Is a reskin where someone edits the citizens model to look different, or where someone makes a new model and uses the same script as a citizen? Because if it’s the first one, then I can help you.

Never mind on this one, I will work with what I have. Thanks for the help though.