WWII Pacific Marine Squad v1 [RELEASE]

Here is a v1 release of a single squad (13 models + 1 bonus for a total 14 models) of Marines in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. This a pack of hexed skins from DoD:S that I made purely out of hobby. It’s a simple set, designed purely to give the essence of the Pacific theatre. Something simple for the models and skills at hand right now. I do have some potential ideas for a v2 that could further enhance these characters but in the mean time, this will do.


Pacific Marine Hexed Skins

Update: This is a hotfix for the gear materials to correct the shitty errors because I forgot to change the material paths for the gear :v: oops.

Mandatory Hotfix

Anyway, pictures of course:






Hope you enjoy 'em! You’ll be Needing DoD:S for weapons otherwise you just got a bunch of “half finished” (so to speak) models.

Wow Those models look really great!, but what would be fantastic if we could got some with unrolled pants, but these models are still fantastic!.

Once again, fabulous fucking job.

Are they bodygrouped?

You could add some bodygrouped gear, bodygrouped faces etc.

Oh, yousaid that you can’t hack. Then I could do this for you. Just wait some time <running into 3ds max>

These look really great! Like pvt.jenkins said, you should put some with unrolled pants, or some with rolled up sleeves IMO, but anyway, great job!

I’ll give these a go! :smiley:

Beautiful Jim.

Yes, that’s exactly one of the things I would like to do some time but that would require some hacking. I’ll have to see if anyone has some spare time and are willing to get it done.

Hey, if anyone wants to give them a go at bodygroups, that would be a hell of a lot more convenient! Feel free to do so and I’ll replace the download with them if you finish!

I’d love to see some rearrenged equipment, I’m so tierd of the normal dod:s layout. And the unrealistic “buttpack”.
Somting like the rifleman without backpack and butpack, but with the assault’s shovel.

these aren’t bad even tho I hate the Marine corps

No one needed to know that, if you hate the Marine Corps don’t come here with your negative comments.

Or I will find you…

Chill the fuck out damn can’t take a fucking joke

He’s not mad bro, you obviously can’t see the joke.

If anyone is going to hack Unrolled pants on etc. The could use Sgt Roebucks pants from Cod WAW. It would need some skinning to fit with the uniform better though.

Also do they have overly bright gear for anyone else? or is it just me?

Or some cod waw gear like the BAR belt. And we need more thompson smg ammo punches:P The Marines looking good nince skinning

So why not to use WaW models completely?

Chill out? How is that even beyond chill? I was actually joking, I don’t give a flying shit whether you hate the Marines or not, but you clearly didn’t see the joke.

Hm…hold on. There seems to be a problem with the gear skin all together. That doesn’t look like the HD stuff in my images.

let me experiment with the skins in my own gmod (removing and then downloading the pack myself again) to see if I get the same result. I’ll be posting a hotfix if I get the same results.

By the way, that looks pretty awesome with the pants :v:

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Just went in and found out that the gear skin paths for the materials are set to the default dod:s paths (as I feared, I reverted my default dod:s models to their original, valve skins) . I’ll have to change that real quick.

Hotfix in the making, stay frosty.

It looks that this is a problem with missing bupmaps. Probably material paths are wrong.

Yes, it was. I’ve added a download to correct the issue. I forgot about changing them because they used the original paths to the valve models (which had a generic version of these skins originally). So…I didn’t know any better but we should be good now.

great skins