WWII plane models?

Anyone know if there’s any plane models left? I know there used to be, but I can’t find any that still works. Preferably a supermarine Spitfire, or a Mitsubishi A6M

Neuroplanes has both, actually. Although, for some reason, I have a feeling it won’t work unless you have the entire pack. I downloaded a pack of BSG models from the same author. However, it was invisible, or didn’t have textures for any of them. It wasn’t until I installed the whole thing that I could see them. Perhaps it has to do with the retracting landing gear, I dunno.

Either way, Neuroplanes has the A6M and a Spitfire.

There was a whole pack ported from BF1942, but it disappeared and the only one who still had it happened to be a dumbass and uploaded all the wrong files.