Wwii rp.

Me and a friend of mine were playing the only WWII RP we could find and we started at an awful time, the server was migrating to a new IP and a new gamemode. upon joining this i realized, its a GOD AWFUL clone of orange cosmos RP, it had Iphones and gas (with no cars). me and my friend began to think that we could run this server better than the guys currently running it. we want it back to the darkRP style WWIIRP, but, me and my friend havent the funding or the skills in coding ect. we would like to get some community support and maybe some donaters(in my dreams) but hopefully someone to help us code it and so on. those who donate will get super admin of course. any support is appreciated even if its just a word of advice. Will post Paypal info for those interested.

                           Please and thanks,

I admit, I chuckled.

What could possibly go wrong! :v:

Hey, guys. Here’s a backstory. ANYWAYS: Anyone want to give me some money? I’ll post paypal info if you will. Please and thanks,
Lord Reginald Esquire


And this is how awful servers start.

Please no.

Dear Friend,

I want to transfer US$12.5 Million to your bank account. The fund belong to our deceased customer who died with his entire family in Iraq War 2006, leaving nobody for the claim and as such, I decided to contact you to enable us claim the fund. Your share is 40% while 60% for me. Contact me only through my private e-mail andas-nado@scam.lol for more details: This transaction is 100% risky free.

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Checklist to a shitty server:

Server Topic: “Wwii rp.”
Dark RP
Buy Admin
Bad Grammar
Little Kids
Shit Admins
[NOTE] It’s “WWII”, not “Wwii”. Also, “RP” is an acronym and should be capitalized. Just because you’re banned from a server for being a minge doesn’t mean you rip off other people’s ideas. You aren’t welcome.
Your Score: F
Your server is the scourge of Facepunch. Nobody likes you. Go away.

This. All of this. Read it and learn.

  1. it automatically took WWIIRP off caps
  2. i was not banned
  3. i can take constructive criticism but was the “Nobody likes you. Go away.” nessecary?

You’re responding to the notes and not the actual gradesheet? Odd.

“Your Score: F
Your server is the scourge of Facepunch. Nobody likes you. Go away.”
^Grade. Not as an individual, but as a server/idea.

I noticed that you didn’t deny being a little kid.
You may leave now.

This thread is pretty gold.

This guy is good.

Just play LmaoLlama Basewars, its essentially the same thing… but better :smiley:
The server is actually popular too!

dont know if serious