WWII tanks


Anyone who can hook me up with (fully rigable) WWII tank models? Preferably in OBJ or FBX file form.

Thank you so much!

I am currently looking into extracting World of Tanks models. You can try using War Thunder ones, they have more detail.

If someone could extract the WOT models now… I could use it. I can’t do it because the tank viewer doesn’t work anymore.

And I don’t have time to instal blender to try the blender script. So yeah, Somebody do it.

Tank viewer does not work since 9.8.
I am currently extracting models from older versions. As for the newest versions, they seemed to have changed the format a bit, so we will have to wait for a new converter.

Well, coud you get me some british shermans? I think they were in 9.5 or something.

I am taking from 8.6 for the T-50-2 and 9.8 for everything else.
I can get you the models on source but understand that I cannot rig models for shit, so you are going to have to do that part yourself.

Sure, no problem. Could you possibly start a repo with the tank models you upload? On mediafire or something.

Hmm I can rig tanks but importing them is something Im still learning. If you want i can rig these for you since I do regular modelling/importing/rigging jobs so for a charge.

But rigging tanks is an easy job, so you should be fine doing it yourself if you know how to :smile:

That’s very-very sad. Because if we would extract M4A1 Revalorise and changed some stuff with chassis, we would get awesome model of M-51 Super Sherman (or Isherman).

Except I don’t. I literally have no idea how to even make a turret spin on a pivot.

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We do have the Krupp Steyr Waffen and something called the Object 244 which seems to be an unreleased IS prototype.
We can probably get the 9.9 models too. All we need to extract them is WinRAR, tankviewer is not necessary for that, although it is helpful.
The problem is the newer versions of the game changed the format of the models.

I can rig them but again at a charge since its a something I do on quite often, modelling jobs and importing into source or garrysmod

Ok so 9.8 was not collaborating, but I managed to get the files from 9.9. Now to see if the hitboxes get screwed up as usual.

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Progress. These are individual models and I have not yet properly resized them, this is x100 times bigger.
WoT models are tiny.

Sorry for the shitty pic.

So, you gonna do this, like, ever?

If so, could you extract the Sherman III and Sherman Firefly British tanks for me?

I have been working on it for a while now. I got some models out and figured out the quirks of the files this game uses.

Now for your request:
Both brit shermans are HD models. And this is what they look in game when you port them to source:

Not to mention that, if you want actual 3d tracks instead of 2d ones, I will have to assemble them from scratch. Link by link.
I can get you the models but first I need to figure out how to make them not look like shit.

Just get me the raw models in obj, I can work with that.

Also, as far as i know, M4A1 Revalorise was added in 9.9 for testers. So, if it’s exists in files (it must be), please extract it too (in obj. with textures ofc).

Here. All 3 vehicles are in this files.

I deleted all the unnecessary files. Although you will probably have to delete the “_hd” at the end of the texture names to make them work.

Thanks man.
Well, can you also extract AMX 13 90 and AMX 13 75 models? (because i’m in big need of FL-10 turret)

Those are SD tanks so its easy.
If what you want is that Sherman/amx fusion vehicle the Israeli army had, the Neurotec addon already has one. Made using WoT models and with a custom texture. If you just want it for personal use, you can use that one.
If you do want them, what format you want them on?

Nah, i found on my old pack AMX, so don’t bother. Better take AMX 13 57 and M3 Lee/Grant, In OBJ.