WWII tanks

You might have wanted another format. You want the grant, the lee or both?

Better both, because they have slight differences.

Thanks dude!

Here is dump of pre-9.0 packages and probably a test client.

And content from CBT World of Warplanes: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/51exhoofae4yh/wowp_pre_public
If you still have a pre-9.0 client with WOT tank viewer/working bigworld scripts/Object viewer it can help you.

We already have a site with all that.

What I need is a few of the test clients, they might have vehicles that got cut from the final release.

Oh, could you get me the german T-55A? have a model of it ported to source, but I need to rework the textures and stuff.

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By the way, maybe offtopic, but is there any way to get Armored Warfare models?

Well, i’ve decided to play with Blender script and… everything is working perfect.
And here’s Centurion Action X i ported recently (with some tweaks).

Haven’t tried AW yet, in fact I am not sure whether there are even extraction tools for that.

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Looks good. Shame about those normal maps though, I am going to ask on the WoT forums, see if they know how to recolor the NMs into something useable.

Well, what type of name of texture is responsible for NM? I’d give it a shot (tho it may be look weird in result, but still - trying will not hurt).

I made an earlier thread, so I had these uploaded:

This is the gloss map. I guess this is their equivalent to our environment maps. If you edit this and delete everything but the Red channel, you will have an env map source can use.


And this is the Normal map. No idea how to recolor it.

Update download link with AMX 13 57. Sorry for the delay.

I can do this for you once I get home if you like.

I can do it myself, but I do not know how. I need you to teach me how to fix those in GIMP, so I can do the same to all the 250+ nms the wot has.
This is going to take a long time.

Ok. For the envmap, open the image in Gimp, and under the Colors tab, find the Components subtab. Select the Decompose option (leave the options as default), which will create a new image with each color channel as a separate layer. remove the blue and green layers, and save the resultant image.

The normal map, while it may look odd, will work perfectly fine and needs no adjustment.

If you’d like, you could send me half the images and we can work on them in tandem. I have nothing better to do right now anyways :v:

I already knew to fix the env map you needed the extract the red channel, its the normal maps I can’t do.
Thanks for the offer, if you can do it, i’ll appreciate the help.

“I have nothing better to do right now anyways :v:

Hey, me too man :v:

Again the normal maps don’t actually need fixed.

You sure about that? They did not seem to work ingame. I will have to look into this.

I threw the one you supplied over a chrome cubemap and linked the results a few posts ago.

What I mean is, they do not work with the models when I compile them ingame. Like I said, I will have to try again and see how it works. I will come back here later.

Well, i’ve tried to play with normalmaps (and even got some results), but in-game it looks weird for some reason.


So… i think i’ll temporarily remove all my normals and AO maps, and stick without them for now. After i’ll finish some stuff on my synthesizers models i’ll dig what’s wrong with them.