www.garrysmod.org (download Problems)

Is there any way to update the site because when i download from there it is really slow. but when i download from file hosting sites like megaupload it goes at like 130kb/s, but at www.garrysmod.org, it goes at like 2kb/s is there any way to fix this? :frowning:

garrysmod.org is just always slow. There’s really no way around it.

I mean .org, but for some reason the other add-on sites don’t work for me.

I’m fairly certain he does in fact mean the .org website. What other addon sites are you using?

I meant the .org

the .org is slow.

not much you can do about it.

at least, not much you can do that won’t piss off Garry and make him pay extra money on his web hosting bill :buddy:

He already pays over 25,000 pounds yearly for his servers. I don’t think he wants to pay more. This isn’t some regular host he has, using using amazon’s web services.