www.Garrysmod.org Love or Hate?

Hello there!
I just wanted to ask about Garrysmod.org site…
I hate the register thing there. dont you too?
and i need to prove that i own GarrysMod 10…
well i dont got it… i got Garrys mod 9…
I feel to be difference…
Well… anyone got ideas how could i SOMEHOW download some stuff for gmod 9?
There is still left some files n stuff for it.
and i dont like fpsbanana.com
Well there is some maps and other stuff for gmod 9 but…
I still miss the good old garrysmod.org website!


GMod 9 is unsupported. Just mow some lawns or shit and raise 10 bucks.

yees i know its unsupportes and i know that every one on Facepunch got Garrysmod 10
I just wanted to ask that What is the point of register at garrysmod.org
i mean… why people MUST register to download
Why it would not be a free choise of people?

Sorry for my bad English language…

It’s to stop people who pirated the game (ergo: not paid money for it) from downloading addons, as if they did they would be both stealing from Garry and using up some of his server bandwidth.

In all honesty, I’d have to say that the main thing anyone who’s using garrysmod.org for Gmod9 is probably using it for maps, in which case I might redirect you here: http://iwuclan.com/hl2death/maps/

99% of the time, the map should end up on there, unless it’s something that doesn’t run on the Ep1 engine, but if that’s the case, you can’t run it on Gmod9 anyhow.

I was thinking about the same thing! Like, what if you wanted CS:S maps that were only on garrysmod.org? Or a skin for a weapon in HL2? Well. Youuuuurrrr Sccccrrreeeeewwwwedddd!

Garry is paying for the bandwidth and he doesn’t want to benefit people who pirated his product.


Sorry for double posting, but there wasn’t an ‘Edit’ button. If it’s a map for CS:S then it shouldn’t be uploaded to garrysmod.org, same goes for a skin in HL2. Just go to FPS Banana if you want those things. The website is a feature for people who own Garry’s Mod, not people who are looking for a website to download things for another game.

Meh. It’s pretty smart since Steam exists. It’s just peeps that pirated Garry’s mod that starts flaming on the forums. Thats my point of view.

its a love/hate thing, having recently experienced a royal flaming after uploading a jokingly happy contraption (See SWIMRING! XD) I got royally flamed for it, although in a semi entertaining way

the site itself is full of self important nazis who police the comments trolling for something negative to say…

that is one aspect and it can be demoralising but anyone can ignore that generally,

the need to login to just look at a files details is rather annoying in itself though, far more than the actual people mentioned above

the verification of gmod is a hate/hate thing for me, having properly brought gmod, in a classic halflife 2 way I then had to go through all the pain and problems of simply proving I own gmod and going through hoops that pirates simply dont have too… in the tradition of steam games, it doesnt disapoint in its complexity

however in all fairness, garrysmod.org is the primary upload/download site with plenty of resources once you cut past the BS, sometimes that can be challenging… but generally once the authorisation is done its done

unless of course you forget the password, I see no way of properly obtaining your password via recovery on the site but I could be wrong

additionally if anyone else knows a good upload/download site thats professionally designed for a similar purpace, please pass along the details