www.garrysmod.org says i can't login????

www.garrysmod.org says I can’t login in becouse I don’t have garrys’ mod then it says click here to look at your games so I click on it and the first game on the list is Garry’s mod so why does it say I don’t have the game because its on the list. I have looked all over the web for the answer but can’t find someone with the same problem Please help me Thank you for your time.

We have this for a reason

edit: moved but it was originally in Gmod discussion

What are you talking about i have gmod but can’t login ???

Post your Steam Profile link.

Its fix now nvm thank you!

The above user most likely cracked it explaining the sudden removal of the problem, but I on the other case, have sent Gmod to a friend of mine. Everything is well he can play it, but he can’t log in to garrysmod.org because of the same reason. Here is his steam community page so you can see that he really owns gmod.

Tell him to make his profile public, that’ll fix it. Your profile needs to be public for the script to work.

Thank you, that fixed it.